kelly sullivan-hofer(non-registered)
Beautiful nature, scenes, architecture...inspires me to visit Israel soon..
Sally Y(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful photogrhy!
Rolly Natividad(non-registered)
Great photos! I love them.
What a wonderful 'eye' you have! Some of your photos delightfully remind me of our great trip 4 years ago (please, Lord. may I return?) and others are a fresh few of what is all around.
Patty Casimano(non-registered)
So beautiful! I love Israel and the Jewish people and your photographs bring me back to my trip last year. Such beautiful memories. I hope and pray to come back some day. Thank you!
Karen Houseberg Moody(non-registered)
G-D be praised for His gift to Israel of this beautiful land--His creation by the Mediterranean Sea. Lovely lovely photographs...enjoyed them very much.
Sandra Lopp(non-registered)
I am impressed with your photography and your wisdom, thank you for sharing both. I have recently heard shofars for the first time and I cannot imagine what it would be like to live there and hear them every day this time of year. Your pictures do make the land look lovely and I would love to visit.
Julia V Loncar(non-registered)
I don't remember experiencing a longing to be someplace like I do when I view your pictures of Israel's landscapes. I would love to hold a book of these photos as I dream of being there and closer to G-d. Do you have a photo book I could purchase?
Corry Bell(non-registered)
Nice pics
Marc(Elimelech) Dubroff(non-registered)
Not only beautiful, but inspiring. As that old saying goes (One picture is worth a thousand words)
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