Knelsen Kollection Photographs | FEAST OF TABERNACLES PARADE


October 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Thousands of marchers and thousands of spectators lined the streets of Jerusalem for the annual Feast of Tabernacles parade.  There were excited and eager Christian marchers from 80 countries, some in brilliantly colored national costume, carrying banners with a message.  Flags flew everywhere.  Brazilians, Chinese and Koreans were out in large numbers, greeting the crowd with a friendly "Hag Sameach" (Happy Holiday).  The Canadian group was small, with one RCMP present.

Because we were part of a day tour with Rabbi Tuly Weisz, we had the privilege of marching with the Jerusalem Brigade of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), getting a resounding response from the crowd.  The IDF are greatly appreciated and honored for their intense work at protecting the country again this past spring.

Our participation was more than an anniversary celebration.  It was a deliberate stand for Israel, the nation and the people; a strong message of encouragement that they are not alone.  We pray that the presence of thousands of supportive Christians is a clear and acceptable sign of support that can be received as trustworthy friendship. 































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