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The annual DAY OF PRAYER FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM event took place yesterday, Sunday.  The southeastern Promenade, overlooking the city seemed the perfect setting.  The late afternoon light gave a brilliant glow to the monotone stone metropolis.

The crowd seemed small compared to the thousands who met at the Kotel for Yom Kippur, yet consisted of individuals who have a passion for what God loves....the land and its people. Present were Christians and Jews.

Notable, Jewish leaders took the podium: Rabbi Riskin and David Nekrutman from the Institute of Jewish and Christian Understanding, Michael Oren, the former Israeli ambassador to the US.  Also asked to contribute were members of the Knesset, an IDF soldier and others who welcome the influence of Christians. Prime Minister Netanyahu sent his personal words of greeting. 















To have Rabbi Riskin, a man of his stature in the Jewish community, pray the Aaronic blessing over us was deeply heart warming. 

Robert Stearns, the founder of Eagles Wings and organizer of the event, introduced David Nakrutman as a "Pentecostal Orthodox"; getting a hearty laugh out of David and all of us.















After an IDF soldier read a Psalm in Hebrew, Michael Oren delivered a profoundly fact filled overview of the world's attitude toward Israel; the contrasting position taken by a growing number of evangelical Christians.  Of the land he said "Israel is not the Holy land it is the Promised land". Of the Temple Mount he stated that "Temple deniers are Gospel deniers".

What intensely caught our hearts was the Vicar of Bagdad, Canon Andrew White, a humble man who has suffered greatly as he has seen his people diminish due to flight from persecution or death due to the same.  We felt as though we were on holy ground as he articulated his pain and his hope.











We worshipped in English and in Hebrew; wondrous praise resounding all around and over the city that made Yeshua weep. Flags of many nations and many colors moved with the brisk wind.  Dancers danced, worshippers clapped and gave praise offerings to our God. The prayers were deep, fervent heart cries to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for His people to persevere.

Oh, may the LORD Himself deposit into our hearts His heart for this land and  for the joining of Jewish and Christian communities into a single community awaiting the Messiah.





Fred & Linda Stair(non-registered)
Love these BEAUTIFUL photos......what a blessing to be in Jerusalem on her day of prayer....I love Andrew White.....what a powerful testimony he has!
We enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your
AMAZING pictures!!!❤️
Don James(non-registered)
Amazing to hear that Canon Andrew was there. I say a tv program with him indicating he was pretty much trapped in Baghdad by ISIS. Glad he has more freedom of movement than that indicated.
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