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August 04, 2014  •  1 Comment


Family and friends are gathering with us to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. The actual date is September 25th, but since we are expecting to be in Jerusalem for September and October, we intend to use this time with them.

So, because I committed myself to publish a blog weekly, this will be brief, and more of an apology than an opinion piece.

I cannot, however, avoid saying something about the situation in Israel. Hamas has made it abundantly clear that the are a terrorist organization, but that at the same they want the world to hear the demands they are making of Israel. What audacity!

An even greater absurdity is the UN; discovering arms in UNRWA schools, expressing great surprise at such an affront to their "neutrality", and then, instead of disposing of the arms to neutralise them, they return them to Hamas, the very people who had so grievously insulted the honor of the UN by "hiding" them in the schools in the first place.


When the Israeli Geology Department discovered the deepest cave, and tunnels, near the Lebanese border in Israel, 

"Much to the delight of the Palestinian Authority, the tunnel’s discovery proves for them that Palestinians lived in Israel 100 million years ago, digging tunnels even way back then.

UNESCO immediately and unanimously accepted the Palestinian claim, and declared the cave a Palestinian Heritage Site.

Later in the day, the UN expressed “shock” when their inspectors discovered ancient explosives and primitive Hamas rockets hidden inside the cave, which they promptly handed back over to Hamas."

More of this story available at:

As we prepare to celebrate 50 years of marriage, we are reminded that the Sovereign LORD calls Himself the Husband of Israel, the descendants of His friend Abraham, and Yeshua continues the metaphor by referring to His followers as the Bride.

In our marriage we are indeed blessed to be a microcosmic representation of this Divine relationship between the Creator and the people He created in His own image. We anticipate enjoying, together with all of God's people, the "marriage supper of the Lamb" the Apostle John describes in Revelation 19.

Prophecy tells us that in the end all things will be restored, Tikkun Olam will be fulfilled, and Jerusalem will be the Center of the world from which Righteousness will govern the whole world.





Victoria James(non-registered)
Well said, once again. Congratulations on being a model of covenant in marriage through good and bad - and reminding us of God's covenant with His chosen and "grafted in" people.
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